Client Record Management


We have connected the consultation form and Covid19 form to your Google drive. This is now fed into your website, giving you access to complete admin tasks such as opening and downloading the forms and then uploading and attaching them to the client records.

How to add forms to client records on Wix

Step 1

Find the form by using the 'search this folder' in your Client consultation form records. Click the form and it will open in:

Google Docs for  Consultation forms

Google Slides for Covid19 forms.

Step 2
Click the file to open and select in the 'file' menu download. The form will begin to download to your desktop or laptop. 

Step 3
Select the member (client) below from your members area and this will open another tab on your internet window into the clients contact in your dashboard. Scroll down to attachment and click add. You will then be able to attach the downloaded form to the client record which will show in your Wix app.

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